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Frequently Asked Questions about Cycling in Goa

We’ve asked our club members and Goa visitors for answers to common cycling questions. If you don’t find an answer here, just contact us.

Three people cycle on the hard sand of a beach near Panjim, Goa, India.Why cycle in Goa?

Goa is perfect for cycling for a number of reasons:

  • Size: it is only 100km long and 65km wide — you can cover a lot of ground in just a few days
  • Roads are mostly rural, with an extensive network of quiet, usually paved roads that connect peaceful villages
  • Terrain is varied for all levels of fitness: flat coastline at the west, rolling agricultural paddies in the centre, mountain  foothills to the east
  • Climate is warm and tropical
  • Scenery is stunning, lush and inspiring
  • People are kind, curious and supportive
  • Attractions accessible by bicycle include family-run “spice plantations”, wildlife sanctuaries, jungle retreats and beachside hostels

Is it safe to cycle in Goa?

We think so, but that depends on what you consider “safe.” In general,

  • Drivers are relatively aware of people on bicycles
  • Left-hand traffic is not intimidating if you’re used to it
  • Traffic disappears fairly quickly once you leave the larger cities
  • Road surfaces are fairly smooth and predictable
  • Women can and do cycle in Goa
  • Robbery is not an issue for people travelling by bicycle

As a visitor, should I buy/rent a bicycle in Goa, or bring my own?

Yes. It depends on how long you will stay, how far you’ll go, your level of fitness, extent of your baggage, and equipment expectations!

  • Rent a cycle if you’ll be staying in mostly touristed areas or pedalling is not your primary reason for visiting.
  • Buy a cycle if you’ll be staying for longer than a few months, need local transportation for shorter distances, or have low quality and performance expectations for a cycle.
  • Bring your own cycle if you’ll be travelling by bicycle over longer distances, will be carrying your own baggage, and expect a certain level of self-sufficiency and comfort. Bike mechanics are easy to find.

Where can I buy or rent a bicycle?

  • View our list of bicycle shops, rentals and tour groups in Goa.
  • Buy a cycle in Goa’s capital city, Panjim. There are also shops selling bicycles in the other larger cities: Vasco de Gama, Mapusa, Margao, and Ponda. Bike shops don’t have web sites, so ask a resident. Purchase prices start about Rs 15,000.
  • Hire a cycle in the capital city of Panjim, or most tourist-oriented beach towns such as Candolim, Palolem, and others. Some guest houses have cycles for hire. Again, just ask a resident. A rental may cost between Rs 40 and 100 a day.

Do I have to be an athlete to cycle in Goa?

No, but a good sense of balance helps đŸ™‚Â  Seriously, cycling is for everyone – residents, tourists, children, grandparents, athletic, or not. For best results:

  • Ride a bicycle that is comfortable – it’s not too big or small, it’s in good condition (steering, brakes, tires), and it suits your purpose
  • Wear clothes that allow for freedom of movement
  • Start with short distances and quiet roads
  • Take short breaks if you are having difficulties
  • Walk the bike if a hill is too steep, or the weather too taxing
  • Carry water, wear a head covering (preferably a helmet) for heat
  • Relax, smile, be happy — you’re cycling!

What should I wear when I cycle in Goa?

That depends on what you feel comfortable in, what type of cycling you’re doing, and where you’re from. The most important thing is that your limbs can move freely and you don’t overheat from exertion and/or weather. Note to visiting cyclists (especially women): be sensitive to propriety when cycling outside of tourist areas, and consider wearing an outer layer over clingy technical clothing such as Spandex shorts.

  • Natural versus synthetic fibres – cotton is perfect for cycling in Goa’s heat, but Western visitors argue that synthetic fibres allow for perspiration “wicking” (drawing sweat away from the skin).
  • Short rides – wear whatever you like, so long as you are comfortable
  • Long rides – wear clothing that allows for air circulation over you skin, consider bringing a change of clothing
  • Culture – be modest in an Indian salwar kumeez or shirt and trousers, wear a western-style loose T-shirt and regular cotton shorts, or be a Tour de France racer in a sports jersey and padded cycle shorts (if travelling in a group or tour).

How can I meet other people cycling in Goa?

Join the Goa Cycling Club on Facebook. You can chat, join a ride, and ask questions about routes, bicycles, and shops from more than a thousand enthusiasts!

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