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Goa Cycle Club in Calcutta Telegraph

Posted by GCC on May 10, 2009

[Published Sunday May 10, 2009 in the Calcutta Telegraph]

Pedal Power: Biking clubs are the new way to have fun on two wheels

by Arundhati Basu

Goa Cycle Club

Goa Cycle Club

On a hot summer day, there’s a congregation of cyclists in the leafy bylanes of Delhi’s Lodhi Colony. They are part of a biking event called Critical Mass that’s being held, all over the world, on the last Friday of every month. And yes, they do take over the roads — their point being this that biking is a right, not a privilege.

As the wait for the other cyclists of the motley crew begins at a pre-decided spot — appropriately opposite a sports store — another bicyclist zips in on a fancy mountain bike sporting a turquoise blue Mohawk hairdo. In his late 20s, Marcus Santiago, a comic book illustration artist, catches up with his fervour for cycling when he meets complete strangers (usually) to go pedalling in groups.

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Goa Cycle Club in DNA India

Posted by GCC on April 19, 2009

[Published in the April 19, 2009 DNA India]

Click to view PDF

Click to view PDF

Cycle of Change

by Arun Katiyar

There are people paying upwards of Rs 35,000 for a high-end easy-ride bicycle on which they can soak in the countryside or climb up a hill. It’s environment-friendly and it certainly sounds like the new golf…

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Heritage Day cycle ride

Posted by GCC on April 16, 2009

Radio Mirchi joins Goa Cycle Club for a Heritage Tour on World Heritage Day April 18, 2009

Says Goa Cycle Club member Joe Rodrigues:

“Gear up for the Heritage Cycle ride with Radio Mirchi on 18th, World Heritage Day. If you still don’t have a cycle, contact us to borrow one for this event.
Details:  7.30 AM start Point. Radio Mirch office, Vivenda Hassan, Dayanand Bandodkar Marg,Miramar.
Route: Miramar to Old Secretariat . Stop off at the Abade Faria Statue. Proceed via Muncipal Garden to Fontainhas, the heritage Section of Panaji. and back  via tonca to Radio Mirchi office for refreshments. During the breaks talk on various heritage sites by historian Prajal Sakhardande.
Interested? Contact Goa Cycle Club member Joe Rodrigues via the Contact Page, the Goa Cycle Club Facebook page, or by phone at 9822166165.”


Goa radio station Radio Mirchi 98.3FM, Goa,  commemorates
World Heritage Day on April 18, with a “Mirchi Heritage Cycling Tour”
in Panjim aimed at generating awareness about Panjim’s rich heritage. Read the rest of this entry »

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Goa Cycles in Gomantak Times column

Posted by GCC on April 8, 2009

[Published as a column in the April 8, 2009 Gomantak Times and reprinted in Notes of an Itinerant Mendicant]

Cycling to Camelot: the Buddhist route to a safer and greener Goa

by Jason Keith Fernandes

Velo from ParisHurray for Anibel Ferus-Comelo, hurray for Luis Dias, and hurray for Ulrike Rodrigues! Together these three musketeers have created a group called Goa Cycles! On its website Goa Cycles! describes itself as “an independent, citizen-run organization that advocates for cyclists and cycling in Goa”, whose goal is “to increase awareness, safety, and enjoyment of transportation, recreational and travel cycling in Goa”. I don’t know if there have been other cycling groups in Goa’s recent past, but if not, then it’s about time we had such a group.

Having heard about Goa Cycles! I checked them out online, and found an essay about the group written by Ulrike Rodrigues. The essay could just as well operate as a manifesto for a political group, since it covers an impressive range of social issues. It questions the gender and class biases of our society and suggests that cycling could in fact be a way to not only challenge them, but also get ourselves a reality check on the real Goa. This real Goa she talks of is not just of the pretty green fields that spreads out as one cycles through the Goan villages, nor of the smell of paddy cultivation, nor of the smell of coconut plantations. She also points to the efforts of Manoj Joshi whose multi-day Goa bike expeditions show “first-hand how Colva’s touristed beaches, Balli’s paddy fields, Cavrem’s ore mines, Bhagwan Mahaveer Sanctuary’s biodiversity and the Mandovi River struggle with issues”.

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Goa Cycle Club in Gomantak Times

Posted by GCC on April 5, 2009

[Published in Gomantak Times April 5, 2009]

Cycling carries a message, with a new network in Goa

In this fast paced world; sometimes it becomes very important to just slow down and look around. And possibly the best way to achieve this, is by cycling, says Arti Das of the Gomantak Times who just explored a whole new world.

I must confess here, that my first love is cycling. I learnt
to do this in my childhood days and always felt, that it gave
me a sense of freedom.

But, with the passage of time, this love took a backseat,
only to be re-born when I heard about the Goa Cycle Club.
Just one month-old, this club initiated by enthusiastic
Joseph Rodrigues, is trying hard to make people aware, that
cycling is synonymous with fitness.

“I am more of an amateur cyclist but I feel it is the best
way to remain fit,” says Joseph, who is also a professional
Karate instructor. His main aim through this club, is to make
people aware, that cycling can be feasible in today’s times

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Goa Cycle Club in Herald

Posted by GCC on March 29, 2009

[Published in the March 29, 2009 Herald “Mirror” India’s largest circulation English language daily newspaper.]

The best way to see Goa is from the seat of a bicycle

Local girls take to their cycles on a quiet Sunday afternoon in Siolim, Bardez.

Local girls take to their cycles on a quiet Sunday afternoon in Siolim, Bardez (Goa, India)

by Ulrike Bemvinda Rodrigues

“The young lady wishes to ride a cycle all around Goa,” Aloysius explained to the sales clerk, “And she requires one with a basket.” Aloysius and I were standing in the entryway of a cycle shop and since I was a newly arrived visitor, my 74-year-old father’s cousin had guided me here to buy a bicycle.

I’d left my home in Vancouver vowing to buy a one-speed made-in-India bicycle, visit my grandparents’ houses in Olaulim and Nachinola, and – over the next six months – learn about the rest of Goa slowly, from the seat of a bicycle. This, I discovered, was apparently a radical idea.

My first lesson came in the cycle shop.

“I want a bicycle that is simple, and of good quality,” I told the clerk, “And it should be able to carry stuff because I want to use it for transportation.” The fellow gave me an odd look, then led me through the dark shop and into the alley. A shipment of Barbie-pink bicycles rested against the wall, and I could tell through their cardboard wrapping that they were not designed for the kind of cycling I had in mind.

I peered past the impractical cycles to a dusty pile behind and immediately recognized the archetypal Hercules- and Atlas-brand Indian bikes I’d been seeking: elegant frames, steel brake systems, heavy-duty tires and sturdy carrier racks. “What about those?” I pointed.

The young man shook his head. “Those are work cycles – for sellers, and shops and hotels.”

“Do they come in ladies’ models?” I persisted.

“No,” he shook his head again, “Ladies don’t work.”

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